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Image by David Lezcano


I’m a marketing professional by day, writer by night, and reader, well, always.


After I found myself living alone in a foreign country through the Covid pandemic, with three postponements of my wedding, and a fiancé living 8,200-ish kilometers away on a contract, I decided to do something just for myself (and my sanity). I decided to turn the stories I had living in my imagination into my first novel, then into a series. 


So, I took a sabbatical, moved back to Canada at the first opportunity after over a decade abroad, and here we are! 


While I have enjoyed every single challenge that I faced in my international corporate marketing career and hope to return to the corporate world in the near future, I’m beyond excited for some time to work on a project that’s just for me—and of course, my fellow readers.


Since May 2020, I’ve been focused on building a community on Wattpad where I’ve met so many fantastic creators. 


With the support and encouragement of some of my favourite people in the whole world, the first of my four novels (destined for a final editing and revision round this fall) is now complete.


This site is the next step in my journey! It delivers content that is relatable, authentic, and honest in all things, covering topics ranging from the latest must-read novels and booktok recommendations to the best and worst moments of my writing journey, and more.


When it comes to genres, I read and write primarily romance for enjoyment—any sub-genre works for me. So, if you share that love and enjoyment, cool! If not, that’s cool too. I also love fantasy (as long as there is a significant romance thread).  


I currently live a few hours north of Toronto, where I'm embracing my hermit lifestyle reading and writing in my cozy little cabin in the woods while I await my next international assignment to come through post-Covid.


As an author, I write under my pen name, Victoria Tobin, since I’m an intensely private person and prefer to have my online presence reflect this. 


Above everything else, I ask that you treat everyone you might encounter on the site, or in my social media communities with respect and kindness. 


Happy reading,


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