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#Nogoodchad Reading List: SMUTember

Updated: Oct 26

You might be asking yourself: Who the heck is Chad?? And why is he no good?

If you're on booktok lurking as often as I am, then you know. If not? Keep reading.

Chad appears to have become the embodiment of every unsolicited opinion we've ever received on our book choices, or in life at this point in time.

This particular Chad just happened to get more than he bargained for in return for said unsolicited opinion when he tried to drag one of my favourite booktok-ers @fitteacherrachel with a *cute*, *little* stitch.

It's been two days since Chad took the booktok community by surprise for about a millisecond when he decided to come for our spicy reading lists.

Little did he know we're fiercely unapologetic readers and writers who may or may not already be a little unhinged after dealing with Chads all our lives.

I mean it is reason number 525600-something we prefer to spend our time with men written by women, after all.


(I'm looking at you my fellow readers who cracked open their paperback copies of 50 Shades of Grey back in the day or something like Den of Vipers more recently on public transportation, for example, and didn't even bat an eye - IYKYK).

Needless to say his SDE comments led to some pretty beautiful support that rippled through the booktok community. And I'm 100% here for it.

Now? We have SMUTember to look forward to.

So, what's on my TBR this month?

New Reads


Since I'm a chaotic mood reader, I'll likely get through these and maybe another half a dozen completely random choices based on the day.



I'd like to personally thank Chad for his unsolicited opinion on our reading habits... because the recs that came out of it are perfection.

We might be looking at a SMUTember 2.0 (aka October....Cocktober???) at the rate these recs are flying in. Buckle up babes!



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